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2011 Messages

Date Topic Speaker Bible Verses Notes MP3 Video
11-12-18 The Second Coming of Jesus - His Glorious Come H. Y. Tsui John14:1-3; Matthew24:30; I Thessalonians 4:16-17 Read MP3 Watch
11-12-11 The First Coming of Jesus - His Incarnation H. Y. Tsui John1:14 Read MP3 Watch
11-11-20 A Christianís Perspective on Giving and Receiving H. Y. Tsui Phillipians4:10-20 Read MP3 Watch
11-11-13 The Peace of God and the God of Peace H. Y. Tsui Phillipians4:1-9 Read MP3 Watch
11-10-16 Imitate the Example of Godly Believers H. Y. Tsui Phillipians3:17-21 Read MP3 Watch
11-10-09 Press on toward the Goal H. Y. Tsui Phillipians3:12-16 Read MP3 Watch
11-09-18 A Christianís Perspective on Profit and Loss H. Y. Tsui Phillipians3:1-11 Read MP3 Watch
11-09-11 Do Everything without Grumbling and Arguing H. Y. Tsui Phillipians2:12-18; Pslam73; Psalm 95  Read MP3 Watch
11-08-21 The Key to Unity: Humility H. Y. Tsui Phillipians2:1-11  Read MP3 Watch
11-08-14 Christianís Perspective on Life and Death H. Y. Tsui Phillipians1:21-30  Read MP3 Watch
11-07-17 Christ Shall Be Magnified H. Y. Tsui Phillipians1:12-20  Read MP3 Watch
11-07-10 The Joy of A Prisoner H. Y. Tsui Phillipians1:3-11  Read MP3 Watch
11-06-19 Looking For and Hastening the Coming of the Lord H. Y. Tsui II Peter 3  Read MP3 Watch
11-06-12 The Path of Christianís Growth H. Y. Tsui II Peter 2  Read MP3 Watch
11-05-29 God Is in Control of Everything H. W. Tsui Romans 8:28-29; John  Read MP3 Watch
11-05-22 Abraham Sacrifices Isaac S.W. Wang Genesis 22   MP3 Watch
11-05-15 The Path of Christianís Growth H. Y. Tsui II Peter 1:1-11  Read MP3 Watch
11-05-08 Stand Firm in the True Grace of God H. Y. Tsui I Peter 5:1-12  Read MP3 Watch
11-05-01 Leviticus S.W. Wang Leviticus 26-27   MP3 Watch
11-04-24 Worship, Truth, Freedom C.W. Chen John 4:19-24; 8:31-36  Read MP3 Watch
11-04-17 The End of All Things is Near H. Y. Tsui I Peter 4:1-19  Read MP3 Watch
11-04-10 Blessed Are Those Who Suffer For Righteousness' Sake H. Y. Tsui I Peter 3:1-22  Read MP3 Watch
11-03-27 Leviticus S.W. Wang Leviticus 23-24   MP3 Watch
11-03-20 Follow The Lord And Gains/Losses of Life H. W. Tsui Matthew 16:21-27  Read MP3 Watch
11-03-13 Four Things Not To Be Regretted H. Y. Tsui Ephesians 5:16; Psalms 78:39  Read MP3 Watch
11-03-06 Leviticus S.W. Wang Leviticus 17-22; Hebrews7:17; 9:12, 22; 4:16   MP3 Watch
11-02-27 Leviticus S.W. Wang Leviticus 12-14   MP3 Watch
11-02-20 The Pilgrims' Honorable Living H. Y. Tsui I Peter 2:11-25  Read MP3 Watch
11-02-13 Building Up a Spiritual House H. Y. Tsui I Peter 1:22-2:3  Read MP3 Watch
11-02-06 Leviticus S.W. Wang Leviticus 11   MP3 Watch
11-01-30 Fix Our Hope On The Grace Brought To Us H. Y. Tsui I Peter 1:13-21  Read MP3 Watch
11-01-23 Leviticus S.W. Wang Leviticus 10   MP3 Watch
11-01-16 A Lively Hope H. Y. Tsui I Peter 1:3-10  Read MP3 Watch
11-01-09 Blind and See C.W. Chen John 9:41; Isaiah 6:1-10; Mark 10:50-52  Read MP3 Watch
11-01-02 Leviticus S.W. Wang Leviticus 8-9   MP3 Watch

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