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09-12-27 Be Able To Give Thanks S. W. Wang Deuteronomy 29:5-6; Philippians 4:4-7; Hebews13:15; Psalms56:13   Video Watch
09-12-20 Christ’s Birth and His Second Coming H. Y. Tsui 1 John 4:14; Isaiah 9:6 Read Video Watch
09-12-13 Peace and Joy W. Q. Wang Philippians 4:4-7; Romans8:26-30   Video Watch
09-12-06 The Cities of Refuge H. Y. Tsui Numbers 35 Read Video Watch
09-11-29 The Fear Of The LORD Is The Beginning Of Wisdom H. W. Tsui Proverb9:10;2:4-5;Psalm25:12 Read Video Watch
09-11-22 Sowing and Reaping H. Y. Tsui Galatians 6:7-10 Read Video Watch
09-11-15 Forty Encampments in the Wilderness H. Y. Tsui Numbers 33 Read Video Watch
09-11-08 A Heart Of Christ W. Q. Wang Philippians 2:5   Video Watch
09-11-01 The Second Census H. Y. Tsui Numbers 26-27 Read Video Watch
09-10-25 The Error of Balaam H. Y. Tsui Numbers 22-25 Read Video Watch
09-10-18 The Bronze Serpent And The Wellspring H. Y. Tsui Numbers 21 Read Video Watch
09-10-11 Learn to Listen H. Y. Tsui Hebrews1:1-2; Matthew 13:9,13-15; Amos 8:11 Read Video Watch
09-10-04 The Suffering of God C. W. Chen Isaiah 1:2-3; 22:4   Video Watch
09-09-27 The Failure of Moses H. Y. Tsui Numbers 20 Read Video Watch
09-09-20 The Three Coats of Joseph H. Y. Tsui Genesis 37-41 Read Video Watch
09-09-13 Overcome Ourselves W. Q. Wang Philippians 1:15-18   Video Watch
09-09-06 Be Filled With The Holy Spirit S. W. Wang Acts; Ephesians 5:18   Video Watch
09-08-30 Korah's Rebellion H. Y. Tsui Numbers 15-16 Read Video Watch
09-08-23 Knowing The Holy Spirit S. W. Wang John   Video Watch
09-08-16 The Most Important Commandment H. Y. Tsui Mark 12:28-34 Read Video Watch
09-08-09 In The Midst of Discouragements, Find Faith in God H. Y. Tsui Psalm 42; Hosea 2:14-15; Habakkuk 3:17-18 Read Video Watch
09-08-02 How To Seek God's Will S. W. Wang Romans 12:1-2; Ephesians 5:17; Hebrew 5:14   Video Watch
09-07-26 Renewing of Your Mind And Having a Sacrificing Life S. W. Wang Romans 12:1-2   Video Watch
09-07-19 Book of Daniel Isaac Chang Daniel 1 and 2 Read Video Watch
09-07-12 An Evil Heart of Unbelief H. Y. Tsui Numbers chapter 13-14 Read Video Watch
09-07-05 Complain And Jealousy H. Y. Tsui Numbers chapter 11-12 Read Video Watch
09-06-28 In All Things God Works For The Good W. Q. Wang Romans 8:28-29   Video Watch
09-06-21 Try to Be Perfect (3) - Master and servant S. W. Wang Ephesians   Video Watch
09-06-14 Led by the Lord H. Y. Tsui Numbers chapter 7-10 Read Video Watch
09-06-07 Try to Be Perfect (2) - Relationship between husband and wife S. W. Wang Ephesians 5:22-32; I Peter   Video Watch
09-05-31 The Service of Levites H. Y. Tsui Numbers chapter 3-6 Read Video Watch
09-05-24 Try to Be Perfect (1) - Faith and Works S. W. Wang I John 2:15   Video Watch
09-05-17 The Army of Jehovah H. Y. Tsui Numbers chapter 1-2 Read Video Watch
09-05-10 A Strong Encouragement to Pray Jason Tarn Luke 11:5-13 Read Video Watch
09-05-03 Do All Things With Love H. Y. Tsui I Corinthians chapter 16 Read Video Watch
09-04-26 Holding On A Good Conscience S.W. Wang Acts 23:1; 24:16; I John 3:21   Video Watch
09-04-19 Seven Last Words of Christ S.W. Wang Isaiah53:12;Matthew27:50-51   Video Watch
09-04-12 The Resurrection of Christ H. Y. Tsui I Corinthians chapter 15 Read Video Watch
09-04-05 The Principles of Gathering H. Y. Tsui I Corinthians chapter 14 Read Video Watch
09-03-29 Immanuel - Build the Holy Temple S.W. Wang Genesis 25:8;I Kings 6:7;7:9;I Samuel17:40;I Peter2:5;Ephesians2:21   Video Watch
09-03-22 Joseph Is Sold Into Slavery S.W. Wang Genesis chapter 37-50   Video Watch
09-03-15 Love Never Fails H. Y. Tsui I Corinthians chapter 13 Read Video Watch
09-03-08 Spirituality and Spiritual Gifts H. Y. Tsui I Corinthians chapter 12 Read Video Watch
09-03-01 Head Coverings and the Lord's Supper H. Y. Tsui I Corinthians chapter 11 Read Video Watch
09-02-22 Two Ways of Service (III) S.W. Wang Genesis chapter 4 1-8   Video Watch
09-02-15 Vessel For Honor H.Y. Tsui II Timothy chapter 2:20-22 Read Video Watch
09-02-08 Old Testament Examples for Our Warning H.Y. Tsui I Corinthians chapter 10 Read Video Watch
09-02-01 Make Myself A Servant To All H.Y. Tsui I Corinthians chapter 9 Read Video Watch
09-01-25 Two Ways of Service (II) S.W. Wang John 11:1-6,12-32; Luke 10:38-42   Video Watch
09-01-18 Knowledge and Love H.Y. Tsui I Corinthians chapter 8 Read Video Watch
09-01-11 Keep Marriage and Family Holy H.Y. Tsui I Corinthians chapter 7 Read Video Watch
09-01-04 Count Blessings and Be Thankful S.W. Wang Psalms 100:4; Psalms 65:19; Psalms 90:12; Hebews13:15   Video Watch

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